Company Overview

What We Do

IBIAS – Integrated Business Intelligence and Solutions

I – Integrated: we connect strategy, finance, and other essential functions to create one line of sight on your goals.

B – Business Intelligence: gather and process data to provide clients with insight and useful information to make more effective decisions.

S – Solutions: alternatives that can meet more than one need and provide long-term stability.

Who We Are

IBIAS began as a vision for creating environments where people can bring their passion and creativity to work. Organizational issues such as workplace politics, limited resources, and unhealthy competition can distort the company mission for the average employee. Although organizational issues are a part of organizational life, allowing these issues to go unchecked can prevent employees who care about the work from doing more.

Advances in technology and the use of metrics to make people decisions has taken the humanity out of modern work life. People aren’t people anymore, they’re widgets. The effort to control every aspect of work has undermined the value of people and caused employees to withhold discretionary effort in favor of necessary effort.

We have developed the vision of the work environment into a platform to help small businesses. Even if they wanted to, small business owners can’t be everywhere at once and the premium for competent people the owner can trust never comes at a discount. Our mission is to help you unlock the potential of each employee by creating environments that encourage and reward discretionary effort.